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Skull (2011)

If there were ever a box to make you think it opening it would inflict upon you a sinister Aztec curse, it’s the one for Skull. It’s appropriate that the visual design is so striking for this game – it has to be, really.  You can make your own version of skull right now with a few beer mats and…

Dobble (2009) – Accessibility Teardown

Dobble is ridiculous amounts of fun, albeit in relatively short bursts. It’s fast, it’s frantic, and it’s very, very funny. It’s a game that deserves to be on the shelf of every gamer, regardless of how serious they think the hobby should be. It packs an awful lot of entertainment into its three and a half stars. Do you want to play it? I bet you do. Can you play it? Let’s flind out with an allsessable tyredarn!

Dobble (2009)

There is a condition called expressive aphasia which impacts on the language centres of the brain.  It causes people to mix up the words they use, choose the wrong word for the wrong purpose, and put together the syllables of words in a way incongruous with experience and intention.   It’s caused by a number of things, including strokes, head trauma,…

King of Tokyo (2011) – Accessibility Teardown

For such a simple game King of Tokyo is bags of anarchic fun. Simple enough for children to play, and exciting enough to keep families interested. Its three and a half star review means that we’d be happy to recommend it as a gaming experience. Could we do the same for it as an accessible experience? Let’s do to the game what the monsters did to Tokyo, and tear it down!

King of Tokyo (2011)

We had a ten year old boy in the house a few weeks ago.  It’s okay, – it was with the full consent of his parents and I was supervised the whole time.   I took the opportunity to try out a couple of games aimed at the younger end of the age spectrum.  One of those was King of Tokyo,…

Tales of the Arabian Nights (2009) – Accessibility Teardown

Tales of the Arabian Nights is a fantastic storytelling experience, but a poor game. Nonetheless, it’s so good as an engine for creating narrative that we gave it four stars and don’t regret a single one of them. Since it’s basically a big Choose Your Own Adventure engine, it’s going to allow us to explore some of the accessibility landscape we haven’t had a chance to look at yet. So, hop a carpet and fly into another Arabian Night!

Tales of the Arabian Nights (2009)

It’s rare that you find a box that makes such a concentrated, directed effort to seduce you from the start. I mean, look at it!  It’s gorgeous.  It feels heavy and substantial.  It’s sinuously seductive.  You can all but smell the assorted exotic spices of far-away lands mingling with the heady scent of fine perfume.  That box will transport you…

Flash Point: Fire Rescue (2011) – Accessibility Teardown

Flash Point: Fire Rescue at its best crackles with energy. Every turn is full of tension. A roll of the dice can be the difference between a cake-walk and the fiery incineration of all your hopes and dreams. At its worst, it can be the most pedestrian of days at the metaphorical office. We gave it three and a half stars in our review. It’s good, but not it’s not great. The game has plenty to recommend it though – let’s find out if accessibility is one of those things. You’d better bring your hose because it’s gonna get hot. And bring your axe too. Sometimes it’s just fun to chop stuff.

Flash Point: Fire Rescue (2011)

If you ever saw the Doctor Who episode ‘The Empty Child’, you’d be forgiven for finding the cover of Flash Point just a little bit creepy. Flash Point is not a Matt Leacock game, but it definitely seems to have been spliced together from some of his DNA.  It’s not ‘Pandemic, but with fires’ but there are certain core mechanisms…

Merchants and Marauders (2010) – Accessibility teardown

Drink up, me hearties. Now It’s time to raid the Merchants and Marauders box, sinking our swords deep into its belly to see if accessibility pours out. For all its finicky rules and reams of tokens, it’s an awful lot of fun and gives you the perfect engine for generating great tales of swashbuckling excitement. It’s four stars worth of fun in fact, as we recently discussed. Is it though going to be easy sailing for anyone that might want to play? Let’s find out. Accessibility ho!

Merchants and Marauders (2010)

You can find our accessibility teardown here. I used to have this hanging on the wall of my horrible, depressing office in what was then known as Edinburgh’s Telford College. I was working there, in a job that almost drove me to the verge of a nervous breakdown, hating almost every minute of it.  At least during my first year…

Dominion (2008) – Accessibility Teardown

Dominion is the grand-daddy of all deck-builders – a veritable colossus of tabletop gaming. It has spawned an entire subg-enre of games, some of which we have already looked at on Meeple Like Us. Many of those games are just ‘Like Dominion, with…’ and their accessibility issues will be similar. Dominion very much deserves its own coverage though, especially given the four star review we gave it. Is accessibility one of the provinces of Dominion? Let’s go to town on these impressively large decks.

Dominion (2008)

You can find our accessibility teardown here. I would forgive you for thinking that this is an entirely unnecessary review.  Does anyone that is likely to read this blog need me to tell them what I think about Dominion?   Probably not.  Is there anything original I can add to the dozens of reviews that are out there?  I doubt it.  …

One Zero One (2013) – Accessibility Teardown

There’s a great game in One Zero One that is just crying out for someone to release. It’s not in the box though, and that is a huge shame. We gave it one and a half stars in our review because while there’s a lot of potential there, it’s not currently an awful lot of fun. You of course are entirely permitted to come to your own conclusions on that, and so we move on to our next step of evaluation . Let’s say you want to play it – are you likely to encounter problems? Let’s find out!

One Zero One (2013)

You can find our accessibility teardown here. A game with a strong programming theme was always something at which I would leap.  I’m a computing academic with a strong background in coding.  My PhD may be in accessibility, but it was in the building of a kind of virtual machine which could provide cross-platform adaptive accessibility support.  In other word,…

Lanterns (2015) – Accessibility Teardown

Lanterns is a fun game – elegantly designed, and evocatively presented. We gave it 3.5 stars in our review. The question though is, will it blend? Wait, no, that’s a question to a different… no, don’t put it in the… don’t you dare flick that sw… OH GOD THERE ARE BITS OF TILE AND COLOURED LANTERN EVERYWHERE! We’re going to have to sift through this mess before we can do anything. Get the sellotape, we’ve got a long night ahead of us.

Lanterns (2015)

You can find our accessibility teardown here. One of the things I mulled over when pulling things off my board game wishlist this month was how few interesting themes there were for many potentially excellent games.  It’s gotten to the point that I look at a title and think ‘yeah, okay, but I already have half a dozen games where…