Through the Age accessibility teardown

Author: Michael Heron

My name is Michael James Heron, and I'm a lecturer at Robert Gordon University. This page serves as a container for all the various things with which I'm involved. My research interests are accessibility, games, and especially accessibility in games. As an academic with a strong interest in the Scottish Independence Referendum, I was also part of the team who developed RGU's twitter analysis tool. It may have been a 'no' in the end, but the fight goes on. I have taught for a decade in both further and higher education, and some of my teaching materials can be found at my wiki. I am also the owner, admin and lead developer of Epitaph: a text-based MMO set in the grim darkness of the zombie apocalypse. I am also the editor for Meeple Like Us, a board game blog with a strong focus on the accessibility of tabletop games. If you have any questions on that topic, feel free to ask them at my page.. I occasionally blog too over on Gamasutra.
Ice Cool review

Ice Cool (2016)

Here in the United Kingdom there was a cultural phenomenon called Subbuteo that defined the life of many an enthusiastic young boy during the eighties.    My life back then was a constant background murmur of gaming properties that would now be considered within the domain of the ‘hobbyist’.  We had…

Ethnos (2017)

Ethnos is the game that you might get by putting Ticket to Ride and Lord of the Rings in a particle collider and smashing them together at relativistic speeds.    Actually, no – scratch that.   Ethnos might be set in a fantasy world but it doesn’t have a fraction of the…

Onitama review

Onitama (2014)

Remember how I didn’t like Hive?  I’m sure you do – you’ve got all these reviews committed to memory.   You love our reviews so much that you’re eagerly waiting on the spoken word audiobook so I can be your bedtime companion.  You want to lie there, in the dark of…

Pit Crew review

Pit Crew (2017)

I’ve never really fully understood why people enjoy watching car races.   The whole thing has always struck me as little more than queueing at speed.  Everyone is driving around a track at velocities so high that when you see the event up and close it manifests itself as little more…

XCom review

XCOM (2015)

We also have an accessibility teardown of XCOM available. There are obviously a lot of differences between board games and video games.  Board games tend to come in bigger boxes.   Board games have an elasticity of availability that rapidly snaps between feast and famine.  One day they’re a hard-to-find grail…

Tsuro review

Tsuro (2004)

We also have an accessibility teardown of Tsuro available. Tsuro is a pretty game.  A very pretty game.  A very, very pretty game.   The pictures throughout this review won’t really do it justice, but take my word for it – it looks lovely when it’s set up on the table. …