Author: Michael Heron

My name is Michael James Heron, and I’m a lecturer at Robert Gordon University. This page serves as a container for all the various things with which I’m involved. My research interests are accessibility, games, and especially accessibility in games.

As an academic with a strong interest in the Scottish Independence Referendum, I was also part of the team who developed RGU’s twitter analysis tool. It may have been a ‘no’ in the end, but the fight goes on.

I have taught for a decade in both further and higher education, and some of my teaching materials can be found at my wiki. I am also the owner, admin and lead developer of Epitaph: a text-based MMO set in the grim darkness of the zombie apocalypse.

I am also the editor for Meeple Like Us, a board game blog with a strong focus on the accessibility of tabletop games. If you have any questions on that topic, feel free to ask them at my page.. I occasionally blog too over on Gamasutra.

Wibbell++ Review

Wibbell++ (2017)

Wibbell++ presents me with something of a conundrum when it comes to a review and the teardown to follow.  It’s not a game as such.  It’s a ‘card game system’ which can be used to provide the raw components for many games.     To an extent this whole review is going…

Yamatai Review

Yamatai (2017)

Every time I set up and play Yamatai I am struck again by just how bloody lovely every single part of it is.  This is a game that is much participatory art project as it is an exercise in play – at the end of a session you can sit…

Five Tribes review

Five Tribes (2014)

Right everyone, I need you to listen here.  This is going to be a rough review.  I’m going to be unironically saying things like ‘table presence’ (urgh), ‘analysis paralysis’ (urgh, urgh) and ‘mancala mechanisms’ (ur… uh?).   I’m going to be talking about this game in a way that makes it…

Potion Explosion review

Potion Explosion (2015)

We also have an accessibility teardown of Potion Explosion available. When I think back to my time at Hogwarts, my recollection of Potions was a somewhat different experience to how it’s presented in Potion Explosion.  It was less about unconstrained play and more about trying not to catch Snape’s eye…

Arboretum review

Arboretum (2015)

We also have an accessibility teardown of Arboretum available. Arboretum doesn’t look like it, but this is a game about when the Ents go to war.   Arboretum is a scorched-earth battleground set in the Lord of the Rings universe.  It doesn’t say it anywhere, but that’s the only conclusion a…

One Deck Dungeon (2016)

We also have an accessibility teardown of One Deck Dungeon available. Oooh, One Deck Dungeon was an unexpected treat.   I bought it mostly on a whim largely because I wanted to talk about its approach to inclusion in the art.  It’s an all woman cast which is simultaneously something of…

Tokaido review

Tokaido (2012)

Tokaido is perhaps the most British game I’ve ever played and that might be surprising given how every element oozes Japanese aesthetics.  It is a gorgeous, sumptuous feast for the eyes that combines elegant minimalism with evocative art.   You take on the role of a traveler following the eponymous Tokaido…