Tokaido review

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Tokaido review

Tokaido (2012)

Tokaido is perhaps the most British game I’ve ever played and that might be surprising given how every element oozes Japanese aesthetics.  It is a gorgeous, sumptuous feast for the eyes that combines elegant minimalism with evocative art.   You take on the role of a traveler following the eponymous Tokaido…

NMBR 9 Review

NMBR 9 (2017)

We also have an accessibility teardown of NMBR 9 available. If Barenpark is Bear Tetris, then NMBR 9 is Tetris Bingo.   It’s a spectacularly straightforward game – one that even I’m going to find difficult to stretch out into our trademark patent pending Meeple Like Us format.   Oh yes, we…

Santorini review

Santorini (2016)

How Santorini made its way into my collection is kind of an interesting story, except that it’s not interesting and barely counts as a story.  I’d been eyeing it up on various online retailers for several months, watching the price erratically fluctuate from ‘too expensive’ to ‘way too damn expensive’…

Quadropolis review

Quadropolis (2016)

I’ve made it no secret in the past that I absolutely love Suburbia despite it having all the visual appeal of a charted accountant’s wastepaper bin.  The grim, austere graphical design and the furious calculation that goes into every move make it a difficult sell to non-gamers though.  The game…

Kingdomino review

Kingdomino (2016)

Kingdomino was one of the games we got try out at the UK Games Expo 2017.  Recently announced as a nominee for the Spiel des Jahres we sat down and gave it a try without having any particularly strong expectations.     In our experience, games selected for consideration in that award…

Barenpark review

Barenpark (2017)

There is an element of wish fulfilment that goes into playing games.   As a species, we like to invest our emotional energies into exploits that the real world either makes prohibitively difficult or equally prohibitively dangerous.   A few activities fall into both of these camps and I’d suggest ‘Bear Tetris’…

Karuba review

Karuba (2015)

Do you like archaeology?  You do? What about bingo?  You do?  That’s absolutely smashing because boy do I have a game that’s going to scratch all kinds of your itches in all kinds of your crevices!  Warning though, there is a non-zero chance that I will misspell this game as…

Mr Jack Pocket review

Mr Jack Pocket (2010)

I’ve reached the point in building my board-game collection where the size of a box is as much a factor in purchasing as the game itself.  That’s what led me to buy the diminutive Mr Jack Pocket – I had the urge to splurge and shelf space is at a…

Jamaica review

Jamaica (2007)

Remember how in the Merchants and Marauders review I said I couldn’t be trusted to hold an appropriately dispassionate view on a game about pirates? That remains as true here as it was there. Any game that adds in swords and swashbuckling adventure starts off with a hefty…

Fungi (2012)

Are you a mycophiliac and sick of the fact that nobody in the tabletop gaming space seems to be catering to your appetite? Well, look no further! Here’s a game that will finally give you a chance to show off what a fungi you are! …

Colt Express review

Colt Express (2014)

Well howdy there pard’ner! Glad to see you made it safely here. The train’s jus’ about to leave the station, and ah reckon you’d best get a wiggle on if’n you want to be on board. What’s that, now? Bandits? Well, I can’t recollect ever…

Hanabi review

Hanabi (2010)

Hanabi is a game that belongs in the collections of game designers the world over. Not because it’s fun, because it isn’t. Instead, Hanabi is a cautionary tale in the dangers of believing innovative design by itself is sufficient to make a game worth playing. Hanabi…

Village review

Village (2011)

There’s something very sinister going in the village of Little Meepleton-on-the-Hex. There’s a darkness that infests everything. Nothing is as it seems – from a distance it looks like a picture of bucolic meditation. Look a little closer, though, and you’ll find much to alarm you….