Anniversary Giveaway

Our One Year Anniversary Giveaway!

We're currently running a giveaway - enter for your chance at a $50 Amazon Voucher.

In celebration of our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY, Meeple Like Us are doing a giveaway!  We’ve got a delicious $50 Amazon Voucher to go to the winner that will be selected on the 6th of May, 2017.    That is to say, an Amazon voucher to the value of $50 that you can use in whatever local currency or Amazon region you prefer!   That winner could be you.  It should be you.  Don’t tell anyone, but you’ve always been my favourite.

To take part in this competition, press whatever buttons you want on the campaign interface below.  Press them all if you like.  Do all the things if you want!

For those that are new here, driven perhaps by the giveaway, then here’s a little introduction to what we are. We’re a board game analysis blog that looks into the accessibility of tabletop games for people with disabilities. If you’re new to the world of designer board games then you are in for a treat!  Board games are amazing now.  The tremendous quality of modern tabletop games is simultaneously the best and worst kept secret in gaming. Best, because it’s still super-cool and underground. Worst, because as soon as anyone experiences the board game renaissance for themselves they can’t help but tell everyone they know. Stick around and see what we’ve got to offer!  Since we started the competition, we’ve been working away at producing new content, such as:

You can read our reflections on the last year here.

Meeple Like Us One Year Anniversary Giveaway

For everyone else – thank you so much for all for your support over the past year.  It’s been a blast!




We're currently running a giveaway - enter for your chance at a $50 Amazon Voucher.

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