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Persistently Controversial. Bad to the Board.

Meeple Like Us is engaged in mapping out the accessibility landscape of board-games, providing comprehensive accessibility teardowns of popular titles. The intention is to build up a useful resource for those players that cannot simply take a game down from the shelf and assume it's playable. Check out our master list for progress to date. We post new reviews on a Wednesday, and new teardowns on a Saturday.

Dropmix review

Dropmix (2017)

I’m going to say right up front that I don’t think you should run out and buy Dropmix.     Not at the £120 RRP price point at which it was released.  It’s not really much of a game, even though it purports to be one.  Dropmix is more of a toy…

Scrabble review

Scrabble (1948)

The camera pans over a worn but well-maintained class-room.  Wood paneled walls draw the eye and upon these are hung various posters and swish infographics.  You can see the frequency chart for English on one wall, with a graph of the evolution of the Arabic lettering system hanging beside it. …