Board game idea generator

Board Game Idea Generator

This is early alpha – it’s far from finished, and has a lot more to be populated in each of the categories. It’s just a bit of fun just now, but this will feed into the cardboard prototyping work I’m doing elsewhere in my life. Hopefully it’ll be of some interest to you for now – feel free to send ideas my way! Reload the page for a new suggestion.

This isn’t a new idea – there are other generators out there. This one though is more appropriate for my needs and I hope it spurs someone on to design something amazing, unexpected and accessible!

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Dominant cultural inspirationEgyptian
Using these Mechanisms
  • Storytelling
  • Worker Placement
    Drawing from the following themes
    • Piracy
    • Buried treasure
      Addressing the following accessibility needs
      • Requires nothing to be memorized
      • Has no downtime
      • Includes positive portrayals of mental health

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