The fun of inaccessibility

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Unwon and Unwinnable Causes

Unwon and Unwinnable Causes

‘You talk of Scotland as a lost cause’, John Steinbeck once remarked to Jackie Kennedy.  ‘That is not true.  Scotland is an unwon cause’.  As a supporter of Scottish independence, I take those words to heart.   Here we are, shackled to a political state that is alarmingly self-destructive in its…

Stay in your Lane

Stay In Your Lane

I think I’ve been consistently upfront with what I consider to be the biggest weakness of this site.  It’s included as a disclaimer at the bottom of every teardown, and it’s persistently the thing that makes me feel most uneasy about Meeple Like Us on a day to day basis. …

House rules and accessibility

The Accessibility of House Rules

Continuining our occasional series of posts about the AXSchat we conducted a few months ago I want to address another of the uniformly great questions asked during the Twitter chat that followed the interview.

Question five:  Being able to select a difficulty level is a well-known accessibility benefit of digital games. …

Mindful Jargon

Mindful Jargon

How might you describe your favourite board game?   Mine is Chinatown, and if I was trying to explain what it was I might say something like:

‘Chinatown, right… it’s like… well, imagine… no, wait.  Hang on.  It’s like… a pure negotiation game with economic set collection and tile-based area control, except…

Social Advocacy

Social Advocacy

Let’s talk about a hypothetical game. A video game.  A video game that doesn’t exist.  Let’s say it’s called… Fled Bread Dimension. Fled Bread Dimension Two.

It’s not a real game.

And let’s say as part of the making of this hypothetical game, the hypothetical company behind its creation was revealed to…