RGU Game Night

RGU Game Nights

As a tool to support some ongoing research and teaching activities within the School of Computing Science and Digital Media at Robert Gordon University I’m setting up a group for the playing (and researching) of board games. Don’t think Monopoly or Cluedo for this – games are *amazing* now and getting more amazing by the year. We’re in a golden age of modern tabletop experiences. Check out our list of reviewsΒ for examples of the kind of things we’ll be playing.

Since it’s the end of the academic session, game nights are suspended for the time being


Given various timetable and real life things, this is going to be on Fridays, 6pm to <whenever>, To begin with anyone interested can meet up at the food court area (say, just outside the Costa in the Sir Ian Wood Building) at six or thereabouts and then we’ll work out what happens from there. I’ll be bringing some games with me, but if you’re already involved in this hobby (or know people that are) please feel free to bring along your own. If you’re not, don’t worry – I will bring games suitable for everyone.


RGU event poster


This is primarily aimed at RGU students but all in the MLU readership are welcome if you’re in the Aberdeen area!

If you are planning to come along I’d really appreciate some indication of numbers – please register your interest on the event accordingly!

If you want to make a specific request for a game from my collection to be brought, let me know on the event page. My collection is displayed below. I reserve the right to say no based on box size, poundage, and the aches in my old back. Also while you’re here, why not check out theΒ RGU Gaming Society!

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