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Decrypto review

Decrypto (2018)

It’s sometimes said that St James Park in London is so rife with spies meeting other spies that even the ducks around the Tin and Stone Bridge quack in code.    While that’s almost certainly not true unless everyone is working from a uniquely monosyllabic decryption table, it’s certainly something with…

Iota review

Iota (2012)

Iota comes in an absolutely tiny tin – a tin of the size you might more realistically expect to contain paracetamol or the large-print version of the positive case for Brexit.    Let me tell you though, pain-relief is exactly the entirely opposite frame of reference you need.  What’s inside is…

Scrabble review

Scrabble (1948)

The camera pans over a worn but well-maintained class-room.  Wood paneled walls draw the eye and upon these are hung various posters and swish infographics.  You can see the frequency chart for English on one wall, with a graph of the evolution of the Arabic lettering system hanging beside it. …