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Mindful Jargon

Mindful Jargon

How might you describe your favourite board game?   Mine is Chinatown, and if I was trying to explain what it was I might say something like:

‘Chinatown, right… it’s like… well, imagine… no, wait.  Hang on.  It’s like… a pure negotiation game with economic set collection and tile-based area control, except…

Incoming Patreon changes

Patreon Changes 2019

As Bob Dylan once memorably remarked about the times, ‘When they are changing you need to look at the sustainability of your project vis a vis the funding and reward structure and make suitable changes where necessary’

Oh, wait, sorry – not *that* Bob Dylan.   I meant my neighbour, Robert Dylan….

Social Advocacy

Social Advocacy

Let’s talk about a hypothetical game. A video game.  A video game that doesn’t exist.  Let’s say it’s called… Fled Bread Dimension. Fled Bread Dimension Two.

It’s not a real game.

And let’s say as part of the making of this hypothetical game, the hypothetical company behind its creation was revealed to…

7 Wonders review

7 Wonders (2010)

7 Wonders doesn’t really feel like a game that has aged well.   It feels clunky and over-engineered.  For all the speed of play it comes across as somewhat sluggish.   It’s got a set of intuitive rules anyone can pick up but hides all the actual complication in the end-of-game scoring. …

Welcome To… (2018)

Welcome To is a pleasant game and that’s really all there is to it.   It’s not particularly clever.  It’s not particularly exciting.  It’s completely inoffensive and you’d have no real justifiable complaints as a consequence of playing.   ‘That was a pleasant way to spend twenty minutes’ you’d say and then…