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Dungeon Petz review

Dungeon Petz (2011)

Time is the only truly irreplaceable thing we possess.  We hold it briefly in our hands and never really appreciate its value until it begins to run out.   Some people look for reasons to kill time.  I look for reasons to not spend it.   We do a game a week…

Social Advocacy

Social Advocacy

Let’s talk about a hypothetical game. A video game.  A video game that doesn’t exist.  Let’s say it’s called… Fled Bread Dimension. Fled Bread Dimension Two.

It’s not a real game.

And let’s say as part of the making of this hypothetical game, the hypothetical company behind its creation was revealed to…

7 Wonders review

7 Wonders (2010)

7 Wonders doesn’t really feel like a game that has aged well.   It feels clunky and over-engineered.  For all the speed of play it comes across as somewhat sluggish.   It’s got a set of intuitive rules anyone can pick up but hides all the actual complication in the end-of-game scoring. …