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Support the Site

Thank you so much for clicking this link on the site! All of the reviews and accessibility analyses of Meeple Like Us are completely free, produced as a labour of love because we believe that accessibility in gaming is a hugely important topic. It’s vital to us that everyone gets to game because games are important. They’re important because they’re a way we can spend more time with the people we love.

We’ve written up our typically naval-gazing thoughts on seeking crowd-funding and I won’t rehash them here. We’ve also written about the anxiety that comes from asking for public support. We’ve even opened up the curtains to show you the behind the scene stats for Patreon. We are, I believe, unique in the board gaming media landscape. Nobody else doing what we’re doing, and what we’re doing needs to be done. All I will say this is thank you so much if you can offer us your support, but please only pledge that which you can comfortably afford and what you think the site is worth.

Current Patreon status

At this pledge level we guarantee a special feature or editorial every two weeks.    We also commit to remaining ad-free as we hopefully progress towards full sustainability of the site. 

This goal secures our future for the medium term.

If you can’t afford to pledge, that is absolutely okay. There are many other ways you can support the site that don’t cost you a single penny more than you’d otherwise be spending!

If you do have some money that you could send our way though, it would be wonderful if you could check out our Patreon. If you don’t want to sign up to a monthly pledge, it would be great if you sent us a Ko-Fi. If you don’t want to do either of those things then if you’ve got a paypal account you can shoot us some money directly. Every bit helps in keeping the lights on and making sure the site can continue, and thrive, and help people connect to the people in their lives